The Difference Between Single Axle Trailers And Tandem Trailers

Knowing that trailers come in different sizes and shapes while you can also get them customized according to your unique needs, makes it easier for us to understand the difference between each type. At TOP GALVANISED TRAILER, there is a wide range of galvanised trailers including the single axle trailers and tandem trailers. The trailer’s axles may have an impact on its performance.  

When we talk about single axle trailers in Melbourne , with the name it hints about its features. It consists of one axle which can be of any size. Each end has a wheel connected to it. These wheels are connected or attached to the trailer with the help of springs. They can also be connected via any hardware which supports the bed of the trailer. The characteristic of these one-handed trailers is quite different from others. These trailers are used for average weighted equipment hence are light in weight and are quite economical. If you go for purchasing a new single axle trailer, it won’t cost you much. When compared to the double axle trailer, these are much easier to navigate. Because they are not huge in size, they can easily be parked in less area. The maintenance is quite easy without getting into complications. It requires a few sets of tyres, brakes or bearings. These do not need a higher class of equipment in manufacturing. It does not have brakes hence the person handling it should be cautious enough to stop it when over any bump.  

Tandem trailers are also given a name of double axle trailers. It has two axles with tyres placed very close to each other so that the weight of the load is dispersed on the trailer bed. These type of trailers are much stable than the single axle trailers because of having better suspension. Due to the great feature of better suspension, they can be handled at highway speeds. It does not require a jack to change the tyres. Because of being on more than 2 or 3 tyres, they run smoothly without having to put more effort into them. At TOP GALVANISED TRAILER, you can buy the tandem trailers for sale. These are much safer because they have brakes installed on them. These can be stopped whenever and wherever you want. They can carry a huge amount of goods on them weighing between 750 kilograms to 2000 kilograms. The loading of these trailers is done carefully. If it is loaded properly, it will disperse its weight over the surface of the trailer bed and will bounce less on the bumpy roads. The examples of tandem trailers are stock crate trailers, plant trailers or box trailers. For more information, please log on to